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The Forest Lake Senior Community Center rents rooms for various events.  Rentals can include one-time events and/or weekly, monthly, yearly events.  There are two rooms available for rent.  The Lounge with card tables holds 24-30 people.  The All Purpose room holds 160 people or with tables 135 people.  In addition to the room(s) there is a kitchen for serving meals brought in by those renting.


Room rentals are offered 7 days a week based on availability.  Businesses and private parties reserve rooms for:

                Parties:                                           Plus:  

                  Anniversaries                                        Funeral Receptions

             Baby Showers                                       Meetings

             Birthdays                                              Recitals

             Company                                              Seminars                   

             Graduations                                          Workshops


             Wedding Receptions                                                            

             Wedding Showers

      No alcohol or smoking is allowed in the building.


Those interested in renting, please call for availability and pricing (651) 464-5833 or email at:


Forest Lake Senior Community Center

767 SW 4th St

Forest Lake, MN 55025